Herbs of Gold Vitex 1000 60 Tabs


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Herbs Of Gold

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PMS and hormone support

Herbs of Gold Vitex 1000 contains Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste tree) fruit, a herb commonly used for the relief of premenstrual symptoms (PMS).
Vitex 1000 provides symptomatic relief of and assists in the management of premenstrual syndrome.
Chaste tree (Vitex) relieves symptoms of PMS such as irritability, mood alteration, headache, bloating and breast tenderness.
Chaste tree (Vitex) helps relieve sore breasts associated with premenstrual syndrome.
Chaste tree (Vitex) helps support normal healthy hormone balance so helps regulate the menstrual cycle.
Chaste tree (Vitex) helps to normalise and manage irregular menstrual cycles.


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