Fusion Health Sleep | Passionflower & Chinese Herbs 60 Tablets


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Fusion Health

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Herbs taken to relieve sleeplessness and poor quality sleep in traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine.
Suitable for people who have difficulty falling asleep, wake easily during the night, or are disturbed by dreams or restlessness.
Promotes deep, restful sleep without being habit-forming or causing daytime drowsiness.
Includes herbs traditionally used to help relieve mild anxiety, nervous tension and irritability, especially when they are interfering with sleep.
Formulated according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to address sleeplessness and insomnia by calming the Shen (mind and spirit), nourishing the Heart organ-meridian system and clearing senses.
Combines well with Fusion® Stress & Anxiety, particularly when stress and nervous symptoms interfere with sleep.


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