Fusion Health Kids Cough Fighter 200mL Oral Liquid


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Fusion Health

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Delicious kids’ cough mixture, with ivy leaf to relieve children’s coughs. No added sugar.
Specially formulated for children aged 2 years and up
Kid-friendly taste – contains naturally derived blackcurrant flavour, with no added sugar
Plus extra sweetness from Chinese licorice
Easy to mix with water or juice – even for children who are fussy
No added dairy products, gluten or nuts
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Made in Australia
Fusion Kids’ Cough Fighter contains:

Ivy leaf, which relieves children’s coughs
Ivy leaf also has expectorant, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects on the respiratory tract, based on its traditional use in Western herbal medicine
Elecampane and thyme, traditionally used to relieve children’s bronchial mucous congestion and clear mucus from the respiratory tract in Western herbal medicine
Chinese licorice, which is traditionally used to ease kids’ coughing in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)


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