Fusion Health Kidney Tonic 30 Tablets


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Fusion Health

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Herbs traditionally used as kidney tonics and to regulate the body fluids in Chinese medicine.
New improved formula, with goji berry, horny goat weed and rehmannia, traditionally used as kidney tonics and to regulate body fluids in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
Goji berries are traditionally used as a kidney tonic that relieves fatigue and balances Yin and Yang in TCM
Rehmannia is also traditionally used in TCM to strengthen kidney Jing (a form of life force energy), as a liver tonic, and as a blood tonic that relieves sleeplessness and irregular menstruation
Horny goat weed is traditionally used in TCM as a kidney tonic to enhance a healthy libido, to strengthen bones, and to relieve mild joint aches and pains
Also contains Cornelian cherry, Chinese yam, alisma and poria.


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