Fusion Health Ginkgo 6000 60 Tablets


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Fusion Health

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High-strength ginkgo to support memory and blood flow to the brain.
Each high potency Ginkgo 6000 tablet contains 6 g of Ginkgo biloba, standardised to provide 28.8 mg of Gingko flavonglycosides.
Naturally rich in antioxidants that promote healthy ageing.
Enhances blood flow to the brain, and may improve mental performance, memory, concentration and learning capacity.
Promotes blood flow to the eyes and ears, and aids in the management of mild dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
Also enhances peripheral circulation (blood flow to the hands, feet and lower limbs), and may help manage cold extremities and difficulty walking when these problems are caused by age-related, circulatory or vascular problems.


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